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The 3rd ed. of Great War Salvo! comes in book form -- 52 pages, full color-- and is a revised and enlarged, now containing the long-awaited Mediterranean ships counters and scenarios, as well as new optional rules and scenarios.  There are now 12 counter sheets (#1 through #9, and A, B, C special sheets), now covering warships from British, German, French, Italian, Austrian, Russian Turkish, American, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, and Dutch navies.  Counter sheets and Reference Cards are part of the book -- you must scan, print, and separate the counters before play.  Physical games components, or 3rd ed. upgrade, available separately.  
January 2020 
COMBINATION SPECIALS      (may be modified or withdrawn without notice) 
Panzer Digest #14 is a 46-page, 8.5"x11"  full-color magazine containing gaming articles, variants, game reviews, and three complete wargames. Viking Fury is a solitaire game about the Viking expansion in the late 8th century.  Battle over Europe is a Battle over Britain series game, with planes from Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Finland, and Italy.  North Cape is a solitaire, Advanced Salvo! game covering the naval battle of the same name in WW2. Also includes a Combat Leader variant and counters incorporating dogs into the game. All components are included in the pages of the magazine, and must be scanned and printed before play.  For those wanting separate, physical components, see right.
This set includes separate game components for each of the three games included in Panzer Digest #14.  Includes: Viking Fury map, counters; Battle over Europe Dogfight Display, Reference Card, counters; North Cape Sea Display and Game Tables, counters; Hier Kommen die Hunde! Combat Leader variant counters also included.  All components are in full-color, with counters and Reference material on thick card, and maps on glossy paper.  No rules or magazine are included...  you must own Panzer Digest #14 to use these components. 
This set includes all twelve Great War Salvo! 3rd ed. counter sheets, plus a Reference card.  Counters and Reference Card are in full color, on thick card, for those who like professional, physical components.  No rules are included.  You must own Great War Salvo! 3rd ed. to use this set. 
For gamers who own Great War Salvo! 2nd ed., and just want the new counters, this Upgrade set is available.  No new rules, scenarios, or other gaming material is included, just the four counter sheets new to the 3rd ed. and an extra Reference Card.
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ver. 1

Includes all the physical, full-color on thick card plane counter sheets for Battle over Britain, Tally Ho!, Bomber Command, and Battle over Europe.  (No rules or scenarios or Ref Cards, just the warplane counters.)
            ver. 1
Tsushima, 1905 2nd ed. is a pre-dreadnought tactical naval combat game that uses a very slightly modified Battleship Captain game system. This 122-page illustrated book contains full rules, optional rules, seven scenarios (including Tsushima), Design-Your-Own scenario guidelines, Russo-Japanese War campaign game, and over 320 1/4200 scale facsimile ship counters in its pages (which must be scanned and printed before play).  Warships from Japan, Russia, Britain, France, USA, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain (B, AC, CL, C types). In addition, 54 generic DD and torpedo boat counters (and rules for their use) are included. This is an extensive revision of the 1st edition, which appeared in the Panzer Digest Naval War Special, with new options, many more ships. Ratings for all ships have been updated and in many cases slightly revised.  These rules will also work with  Battleship Captain Warship Counters 1890-1945 book, if desired.  If you enjoyed the pre-dreadnought section contained in Battleship Captain 3rd ed., you will probably love the new elements that this new book contains for the era, in a more specialized format.    
Viking Fury, Zip Ed. is the exact same game included in Panzer Digest #14, but published as a separate version (apart from the magazine). Includes eight page 8.5"x11" rule book with rules, tables, scenarios, game map, and counters set.  Ideal for those who just want this title without the magazine, or collectors who like having different editions.
Battle over Europe, Zip Ed. is the exact same game included in Panzer Digest #14, but published as a separate version (apart from the magazine).  Includes eight page 8.5"x11" rule book with rules, options, several campaign game scenarios, Dogfight Display, Reference Card, and counters set.  If you also buy Fighter Command (listed to the right) you'll have all WW2 planes published to date.
World War 2 era naval miniatures rules, using the Battleship Captain system. This 48-page book contains full rules, optional rules, scenarios, and approx. 110 scale ship counter facsimiles in its pages (which must be scanned and printed before play).  Warships from Britain, Germany, and France (BB, BC, CA, CL), plus DD, AMC, and merchants are included.  Orders direct from Minden (only) also include are four, color cardstock small counter sheets of ships (sheets A, B, C, & Z) to get you started.  This book goes well with Action Stations: Convoy (see right), which not only includes counters for the ships in this book, but many additional ships as well. 
Used in conjunction with ​either Action Stations: Atlantic, or Battleship Captain, 3rd ed. (one of which must be owned to use this module), this module provides a four-page rule folder (optional rules, and convoy scenarios), and 14 color, thick card counter sheets of ships from British, German, and French navies of WW2, along with DD, DE, frigates, corvettes, armed merchants, and merchant ships, approx. 475 ship counters overall. 
Torpedo Raiders, Advanced Ed. is a solitaire game of torpedo bombing in WW2, with historical scenarios covering Taranto, Pearl Harbor, Force Z in the Far East, Sinking of the Bismarck, and Midway.  The book (​50 pages) contains rules, charts, optional rules, five historical scenarios, five advanced scenarios, historical notes, designer's notes.  Players fly Swordfish, Kates, Nells, Devastators against enemy ships in exciting solitaire action. 
Great War Salvo! 3rd ed. & GWS! 3rd Component Set
Panzer Digest #14 & PzDigest 14 Component Set
Action Stations: Atlantic & A.S.: Convoy module
Battle over Europe Zip Ed. & Fighter Command
Fighter Command ver. 1 includes all the physical, full-color on thick card plane counter sheets for Battle over BritainTally Ho!, Bomber Command, and Battle over Europe. (No rules or scenarios or Ref Cards, just the warplane counters.)  If you own BoB, TH!, or BoE, this module will allow you to use all the planes in the series thus far (including those in Bomber Command).
Great War Salvo! 3rd ed.
Panzer Digest #14
Panzer Digest #14 components set
GW Salvo! 3rd component set
GW Salvo! 3rd Upgrade only
Viking Fury Zip Ed.
Battle over Europe Zip Ed.
Action Stations: Atlantic
Action Stations: Convoy Module
Fighter Command
Torpedo Raiders Advanced
GW Salvo! 3rd & GW Salvo! 3rd component set combo
Pz Digest #14 & Pz Digest #14 component set combo
Action Stations: Atl & Act Stn: Convoy combo
Battle over Europe & Fighter Command combo
Combat Leader: Core Rules & CL: Ostkrieg
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CL: Core Rules & CL: Ostkrieg
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Battle of the Somme is a Battlegame book containing a solitaire wargame simulating fighting on July 1, 1916, the first day of the Somme offensive, where one counter represents one individual British soldier.  This is a 46-page, full color, illustrated book contains full rules, optional rules, 17 scenarios, campaign game, and game components, plus short background articles. This is an updated version of Poor Bloody Infantry and its Expansion, but contains additional rules, additional counters and markers, plus most importantly of all, new Advanced Game rules, with individually rated infantrymen counters for this version.  Overall, the set includes one hexagon map, game markers, and well over 500 individually named soldier counters, enough to outfit any number of unique Regular, New Army, and Territorial platoons going over the top.  (Those who have PBI and just want to upgrade, see Somme Component Set, right.)
For gamers who want colorful, physical game components, we offer these two component sets.  SOMME COMPONENT SET contains all the standard and advanced game components of Battle of the Somme (map, counter sheets, Reference Card) contained within the pages of Battle of the Somme, printed in color, with counters on thick cardstock (uncut).  Also included is a four-page, color, Advanced Game rules folder, meaning those who own Poor Bloody Infantry may upgrade to the new Battle of the Somme by getting this set.  In addition, we are offering SOMME EXTRA COUNTERS SET, which adds 330 brand new men & markers... including two new specific platoons and two new scenarios involving them (4th Manchester Pals, and 1/6 Royal Warwicks).  Buy all three (Battle of the Somme, Somme Component Set, and Somme Extra Counters Set) in the Combinations Section (bottom of page, below) and save.
Tsushima 1905 2nd Counter Set includes all the ships (320 B, AC, CL, & C) and 54 small DD/TB included in the pages of Tsushima 1905 2nd ed. plus Reference Card, and set of color damage markers. For those who like physical components, we provide this, which has all the ships (uncut) on cardstock sheets.  Order together with the book (see Combination offers, below) and save.
Tsushima 1905
 Ship Counter Set
Siege of Leningrad is vol. 1 in the Minden Classics series of books.  This is a 58-page illustrated book containing a solitaire WW2 logistics game, simulating (n abstract manner) the famous siege of Leningrad during the Second World War.  As the Russian, the player must juggle limited resources, respond to random events, husband supplies, and try to survive the 900-day siege.  Originally appearing in the pages of Panzerschreck   magazine, this unique solitaire game is once again available for those who may have missed it. 
Also available at &
Also available at &
Solitaire WW2 Wargames is a 48-page illustrated book containing three strategy card games originally appearing in issues of Panzer Digest magazine. Stringbag lets you fly Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers against axis warships.  Sniper Attack puts you in the role of a sniper, trying to pick off high value targets while remaining undiscovered.  Penal Battalion is a quick game on an off-beat topic:  mine clearing.  All three are solitaire games on World War Two topics, and are highly playable with excellent reply value.  All you supply is a standard deck of playing cards, and you will be ready to go.
Battle of the Somme, Somme Component Set, & Somme Extra Counters Set
Battle of the Somme
Somme Component Set
Somme Extra Counter Set
Tsushima 1905 2nd ed.
Tsushima 1905 2nd Counter Set
Solitaire WW2 Wargames
Somme Combo: Somme Book, Component Set, Extra Counters Set
Tsushima Combo: Tsushima 1905 2nd Book, Ship Counter Set
Tsushima 1905 2nd, Tsushima Ship Counter Set
Minden Classics Combo: Siege Leningrad, Solitaire WW2 books
Siege of Leningrad & Solitaire WW2 Wargames
Siege of Leningrad
Tsushima 1905
Ship Counter Set
Newest releases now available:  Battle of the Somme, Somme Component Set,Somme Extra Counters Set; Tsushima 1905 2nd ed., Tsushima 1905 2nd ed. Counter Set; Siege of Leningrad; Solitaire WW2 Wargames